Leyes de Catalunya objeto de recuros y/o suspensión al Tribunal Constitucional español (2012-2016)

Catalan laws appealed against and/or suspended by Spain’s Constitutional Court (2012-2016)

These are some of the 45 laws passed by the catalan Parliament and forbidden by the Spanish Constitutional Court

The Spanish Government, via the Constitutional Court, appeals against laws passed by the Catalan Parliament, laws which aim to improve the lives of those who have suffered more cruelly the effects of the crisis and the lives of the population as a whole. So far, Rajoy’s Government has appealed against 33 Catalan laws. This string of appeals is the demonstration that the Spanish Government, via the Constitutional Court, is trying to strangle the political capacity of Catalonia. Such actions make one think that they are not going to stop and show more clearly the need to achieve independence in order to survive as a people and gain the freedom for self-government.

  • Law on audiovisual matters (2/2012)

  • Decree-law on retail opening hours (4/2012, 2/2014)

  • Decree-law on taxes on banks (5/2012)

  • Decree-law against energy poverty (6/2013)

  • Law on budget support (2/2014)

  • Law on non-binding popular consultations (10/2014)

  • Law on Ombuds Office (2008, decision 3/2015)

  • Law on foreign action (3/2015)

  • National Transition Commission (4/2015)

  • GenCat tax on Internet providers (9/2015)

  • Catalan code of consumption (10/2015)

  • Reform of law on commerce (10/2015)

  • Catalan tax agency (9/2015-11/2015)

  • Parliament Declaration of Independence (11/2015)

  • Constituent Process Study Commission (2/2016)

  • Department of Foreign Affairs (2/2016)

  • Decree-law against energy poverty (4/2016)

  • Law on empty homes tax (4/2016)

  • Law on local governments (4/2016)

  • Law on effective equality between men and women (4/2016)

  • Law banning fracking (3/2012, 4/2016)

  • Law banning big department stores outside cities (4/2016)

  • Part of law on social emergencies (5/2017)


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