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Babel RepubliCat has been created with the aim to fight against the lack of independence in Spanish mass media. This issue has already been condemned by the European Union as well as the Spanish citizenship. It has even been reported in ‘The New York Times‘.

The lack of independence of mass media places the Catalan society, as well as the Spanish and even the whole world, at risk and in a  vulnerable position as to the right to be informed. Access to a plural reality is forbidden to us. Our right to make decisions with knowledge and responsibility is restricted.

Mass media are one of the pillars of democracy. And Babel RepubliCat mission is to defend that right. The right of every citizen to have access to information about what is really happening in Catalonia and its process towards the Catalan Republic. The Spanish Gov either hides or manipulates the news broadcasted.

Our aim is to show the world why Catalonia wants to be an independent and free Republic. We want to give voice to democracy and we want to collaborate to build a better world for all of us.

We offer you information, and we will offer it in your own language because we would like to be understood.