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by RAONS per la REPÚBLICA Raons per la República

Defense Committees of the Republic, more alive than ever

In a week in which CDRs have taken control of street protests, we’ve seen how the regime’s media outlets have begun to disseminate lies to attack and criminalise us. This orchestrated campaign in conjunction with the repressive forces of the Spanish State aims to create a scenario in which to legitimise repression and place us in the crosshairs of political persecution, thus justifying the ensuing judicial persecution.

The media and political parties of the regime don’t think twice about inventing a kale borroka that doesn’t and will never exist. What really frightens them is the existence of a united, joyful and spirited people. They’re scared of us implementing active pacifism as a method of social transformation; they’re scared of our capacity to bring the country to a halt. They’re scared of us getting more organised and becoming more aware of the power we hold.

They have the force of the law, the power of the press, the violence of batons and all the economic resources. And us? All we have is a project full of hope: the construction of a better country, built from the bottom up for everyone. We’ve also got each other, standing firm shoulder to shoulder. And we’ve got what scares them the most: the future.

Because CDRs are students, farmers, firefighters, the unemployed, market stall holders, waiting staff, receptionists, teachers, freelancers, carers, IT experts, cooks, hairdressers, postal workers, factory workers, retirees… CDRs are the people and we’re here to build a Republic.

So let us denounce these attempts to criminalise us, whether it’s the press or the State Prosecutor’s Office; all the powers that be of a repressive and fascist State. Fear has switched sides and we will remain in the streets, carrying out non-violent actions to demand and achieve our objectives.

They won’t have enough jails for a peaceful people that stands its ground!

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