Trescientas amenazas graves a Puigdemont

Three hundred serious threats to Puigdemont remind Sánchez that an escort for the president is necessary.

The Spanish Government refuses to provide security for him, in spite of what is expected under law.

The Spanish Government refuses to permit Carles Puigdemont the escort which, as ex-president of the Generalitat, he is entitled. The Department of Foreign Affairs, run by Josep Borrell, is the one person able to unblock it, by processing the relevant petition in Belgium to allow Mossos d’Esquadra agents to enter, as they should be in charge of the president’s security. Further to what the lay stipulates, there is the objective necessity for the Puigdemont to have access to security, taking into account that in recent months he has received hundereds of threats, including death threats, on social networds. President Puigdemont’s web consultant, Aleix Clarió, has published them on Twitter to remind Pedro Sánchez the severity of the situation.

Trescientas amenazas graves a Puigdemont

The President of the Spanish Government, @sanchezcastejon, facing the backlash (contrary to law) to safeguard the president @KRLSPuigdemont, I will provide this thread so you can see some examples of the near 300 threats he has received online in recen months (thread 👇)

“Hey Bastard Long live Spain And long live Franco Let’s see if you diead already, dickhead, and stop doing people’s head in come to Spain you wuss I’m going to separate your head from your body
“Son of a bitch I’m gonna kill you And your sons as well”

“Son of a bitch, Catalonia has always been Spain’s and always will be otherwise I will burn your matchstick hair Go fuck yourself”

“Bastard son of bitch come back to Spain so you can rot in jail you fucking cocksucking bastard “


“You deserve the death of Carrero Blanco” (Killed by a IED) 
“We are coming for your daughter, we are coming for your family”

“Disgusting separatist bastard son of a bitch, you are shitbag Prickdemont is your name You break the laws Jail Puigdemont Jail Puigdemont”

“What a scummy man, go fuck yourself dickhead son of a biiiitch, long live Spain and long live Franco and Rajoyyyyy. You and your lapdogs are going to get it “

“Son of a bitch We are coming for you Dog For your daughter For your family Son of a bitch We are coming for you”

“Hi son of a bitch, you deserve Carrero Blanco’s death but on top of the Cibeles so all spain can laugh at you Nest head Fuck your compatriots the one-eyed fatty and everyone else, I hope it goes well for you in prison dumbass.”

“We’ll clobber you”
“I will punch you so hard you will go nuts”
“I hope you end up in a ditch”
“Fucking clown queer bastard”

“You fucking toy come to spain faggot We will give you a crazy beating”

“Long live Spain you dick head get out of Beligium, you’re going to get hit so hard you scoundrel.  It’s a joke Long live Free Catalonia
“Dick head (x4) I hope you end up in a ditch”

“Come on champion come back to Spain now and you will see how fun it is. Fucking clown faggot fuck SOTO DEL REAL”

“I’m going to beat the shit out of you”
“I dare you to step foot in Spain ’cause I will be waiting for youwith a baseball bat”
“If I see you in Spain, we are going to batter you”
“For every independance flag, you’ll get smashed with a rock”

“Son of a biiiitch Fatty Long live Spain Die, bastard If I see you in Spain we will batter you”

“At last, in jail! Pathetic”

“For every ‘estalada’, a rock, it defines me perfectly You dare come to Spain and I’ll be waiting for you with a baseball bat to break your legs and bust your head open, as a reward you’ll go to jail, you’ll see how sweet”

“Son of a bitch, tramp, long live the constitution long spain My long live spain long live the king long live the order and the law Immigrant Lazy If Messi leaves barça because of you I will kill you Down with Catalonia and long live SPAIN”



“Hopefully you get cancer”
“We are coming for you, pussy”
“I’ll kill you, catalan bastard”
“If I catch you I’ll kill you”

“Flamenco, I’ve got the boring yellow ribbons, long live Spain and long live the king I hope you get cancer and you die dreamer”

“Son of a biiiitch We are coming for youuu faggot Catalonia is Spain”

“I’m going to slash you, Catalan bastard”

“Viva Spaaaaain Catalan bastards Son of a bitch Diiick If I catch you I’ll kill you”



“You’ll die there. The tanks will come” “You’ll rot in Estremera disgusting faggot”
“They’ll blow up your ass in prison”
“My mum will catch you and she’ll kill you”

“Son of a bitch I hope you die there The tanks will come and destroy your chalet”

“What democrat? Dirtball, son of a fucking bitch, you will rot in Estremera, filthy faggot!”

“Son of a bitch when you come back to Spain you’lll see, they’ll kick your ass in prison #hitler”

“Look at what you’ve done son of the fucking bitch if my father caughts you he kills you. Long live Spain man and where are you going with this crappy hair motherfucker i see you in the streets and i make you suck the flag of Spain long live Spain”

“Hopefully they will burn you alive” 
“They should have cut your hair faggot”
“I make your head independent from the body motherfucker in one blow”
“I am going to break your glasses and that nose you have idiot”

“Exiled shitbag. Come back to Spain so you get jailed son of a bitch. Hopefully they will burn you alive”

“Long live Spain! Catalonia is Aragon damnit To the hell with you! Son of a bitch. They should have cut off your head faggot come to Spain if you’ve got the balls.”

“Why have you fled you and your fucking snotty gang fucking coward? I hope you rot in prison son of a bitch come to Madrid if you have the balls so i can separate your scrubber head from your body motherfucker in one blow motherfucker! If you don’t like Spain go fuck yourself nobody is stopping you but do it without acting like a moron as always long live Spain. 🔪🔪🔪🔪 I am going to break your glasses and that nose that you have fool

“They should have to beat you up and left you for dead”
“I am going to kill you all”
“I’ll punch your lights out”
“I am going to go to Brussels and trounce you good”

“Because we have a Europe moderately normal, but if not son of a bitch the conflict with the dead that you would have created because of your illness, fucking around all europe with your shit, they should have to beat you up and leave you half dead”

“I am going to kill you all assholes as long as i live are not going to become independent”

“If you don’t come back now i’ll punch your lights out”

“Tomorrow we’re coming for you and we will bring you back to Spain nice and warmed up. “
“Tomorrow @pxpiijxel_14 and myself are going to Brussels to trounce you good ok mophead “
“We are going to give you lead ok bastard gonorrhea”

“Tomorrow we coming for you in Brussels and we’ll bring you back to Spain with 155 kicks in the guts”
“They have just shot Puigdemont”
“Tomorrow we’re coming for you” (with an icon of a gun)”
“You deserve to be stoned to death”

“Hi crazy, tomorrow we coming for you wherever you are and we’ll bring you back to Spain with kicks, but they’ll be 155 kicks in the abdomen”
“Tomorow we are going for you to Brussels They have just shot Puigdemont For more information, see my last picture I already have a one-way ticket and two return tickets to bring you back, we’re coming for you dog”
“Tomorrow we are going for you and we are going to take you to Spain”
“You deserve to be stoned to death for being stupid”

“Son of a bitch come back to Spain and I will lynch you”
“I would hang you all one by one. I would burn you together”
“I am going to stab you”
“If you come back to Spain i’ll kill you”


“Son of a bitch come back to Spain and i will lynch you You have no balls”
“I would hang you one by one I would burn you together Motherfuckers Long liiiiive Spain it is the fucking beeeest come back to Spain big man”

“Son of a bitch answer me or i will stab you”

“I spit on your grave a thousand times If you come back to Spain i will kill you, stupid You don’t know who am I Clown”

“Carlitos be careful, you better wear protection. I’ll shoot in the head”
“Puchimon appeared (image of a hung person)”
“Come to Extremadura and you won’t go out alive”
“Son of a bitch I will kill you”

“You better wear protection even though with that hair of yours they’re not going to be able to kill you with a shoot in the head Nothing to do with my SPAIN”

“Puchimon appeared Puchimon the brave”
“Come to Spain, Extremadura, and you won’t get out alive”
“Son of a bitch I will kill you”








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