We want to explain ourselves to the world.

Welcome to Babel RepubliCat!

Babel RepubliCat was born with the aim to fight against the lack of independence in Spain’s mass media. This issue has already been condemned by the European Union as well as the Spanish citizenship. It has even been reported in ‘The New York Times‘.

The lack of independence of mass media places society, either in Catalonia, Spain or all over the world, in a weak and unprotected position with regard to its right of information. “We are being prevented of accessing a plural reality. We get limitations in our right to take well-founded and responsible decisions.

Mass media are one of the pillars of democracy. And Babel RepubliCat’s mission is to defend that right. The right of any citizen to access information about the real events taking place in Catalonia and it’s way to a Catalan Republic, that the Spanish Government either hides or manipulates in its broadcasting.

Our aim is to show the world why Catalonia wants to be an independent and free Republic. We want to give voice to democracy and we want to contribute to a better world for everybody..

We offer information in your own language because we would like to be understood.

Communication is our tool. We want to talk to you!

And to be able to do that, we offer the information in all the languages provided by a group of volunteer translators. So far, we speak CatalanSpanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, PolishPortuguese, RussianBasque and Galician. We hope to increase further our working languages with other volunteers’ solidarity.

The whole project is completely on volunteering basis. It has been designed and built up with the know-how, the patience and the wish for progress of many people, Catalan and non-Catalan, that are not happy with impositions for the benefit of a minority. We are people, who want to play a main role in our own history, which is the history of our country, Catalonia.

There are no borders within the Catalan Republic.