Scandal: Ignacio Aguado established a widespread plot of illegal financing of Ciudadanos in the 2015 election.

Ignacio Aguado established a generalized plot of illegal financing of the 2015 electoral campaign, in which he was the candidate for President of the Community of Madrid by the Ciudadanos party, which won 17 deputies. Without electoral managers in the party’s local groups, Aguado demanded that each group should guarantee the means to carry out the electoral campaign, a direct call to the trading of posts and starting positions.

Rambla Libre has had access to the minutes of the Ciudadanos Conference of 4 March 2015 in Fuenlabrada, where it is recorded that the illegal financing scheme was established directly by Ignacio Aguado in a structural manner. The minutes show that Ignacio Aguado and the Ciudadanos leadership demanded “a commitment by the party’s groups to guarantee the means to carry out the electoral campaign”.

According to confirmed sources, the situation of illegality came to critical measures directly authorised by Ignacio Aguado,

such as the trading of the first five positions for the Fuenlabrada City Hall for an amount of 11,000 euros. Immediately before the conference of 4 March 2015, there was a meeting between Ignacio Aguado and Patricia Frutos, responsible for Ciudadanos in Fuenlabrada, in which, according to reliable sources, this funding formula which brings us back to the darkest stages of bossism was agreed.

In the minutes of the Ciudadanos Conference of 4 March 2015 in Fuenlabrada, it is reported that “Patricia de Frutos takes the floor and informs that in the project presented in Madrid she has included as a form of financing the condition that the first five candidates must guarantee a minimum amount of funding for the campaign (this amount must be around 11,000 euros, if there is no external or affiliate financing)”.

Ignacio Aguado was, therefore, the designer and promoter of the illegal financing plot with which he took part in the 2015 election.

(Photo: elmundo.es. Ignacio Aguado, responsible for the corruption plot.)

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